Whether you're cruising through Santa Cruz in a used, certified pre-owned, or new Subaru, you'll want to use OEM parts as much as you can to get the best performance out of your vehicle. While many San Jose drivers might choose off brand parts, at Santa Cruz Subaru, we're here to tell you why OEM car parts are vital to the lifetime of your vehicle. Read on below to learn more about Subaru OEM parts then browse our parts store.

What Are the Benefits of OEM parts?

Any driver ranging from Capitola to Scotts Valley should know that OEM parts, otherwise known as original equipment manufacturer parts, are designed for your specific vehicle. This means you decrease the risk of parts not fitting or not working correctly once they've been installed by our service techs or yourself. While non-OEM parts are cheaper, they will decrease your vehicle's overall performance. Here are a few benefits of using Subaru OEM parts:

  • The Best Fit - OEM parts are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. Engineers and designers spend time creating each model and each part to ensure everything works together with no issues.
  • Ensures Quality - OEM car parts ensure quality! You will receive a warranty and support when you order parts from the dealership. 
  • Reliable Ordering - It might be difficult to find and locate a proper aftermarket part for your Subaru vehicle. When you order through a dealership, you can guarantee your part will be correct for your specific model. 

Available OEM Parts and Accessories 

As you can see, there are tons of benefits of Subaru OEM parts. There are a few ways to upgrade your current model with certain OEM car parts and accessories:

  • Windshield Wipers - Windshield wipers are essential and should always be replaced relatively frequently as you need them. 
  • Outside Mirrors - Collisions can happen to anyone and damage your outside mirrors. Reach out to your nearby dealership if you need to replace one of your mirrors - if you have integrated turn signals on your mirrors or blind spot monitors, it's important to replace them with OEM parts. 
  • All-Season Floor Mats - This will help protect your floors from ice, rain, snow, and more. 
  • Roof Mount Bike Attachment - A roof mount bike attachment is a great addition to your vehicle if you like to bike. 

Purchase OEM Car Parts at Santa Cruz Subaru! 

Take your time to find the OEM parts you need then contact us if you need help! We're here to make the parts shopping and installation process as easy as can be, and we offer ongoing parts and service specials to help you save on essential components.