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Santa Cruz Subaru is just one of many Scotts Valley and Aptos area dealerships you could go to for your next new or used vehicle. One of our draws, though, is how easy and painless we try to make the trade-in process. When you trade in a vehicle with us, you'll get top-dollar while avoiding the steps associated with selling your car yourself. Wondering "How can I get the best offer on my trade-in car?" Utilize our guaranteed trade-in process and see for yourself! Just follow the steps below and you'll be well on your way to getting more for your trade-in! 

Get Your Trade-In Car Value the Easy Way

To trade-in your car more easily, first you'll need to get a better idea about how much it's worth. At Santa Cruz Subaru, we take the guesswork out of this step for Santa Cruz-area drivers with our convenient online trade valuator. All you have to do is input your car's year, make, and model, along with your name, email, and phone number so we can contact you back with your trade-in info. From there, you'll want to tell us a bit more about your vehicle's condition, and then you'll receive the estimated value of your car not long after! Don't hesitate to contact us with questions along the way. 

Understand Trade-In Estimate vs. Appraisal Value

The step following getting your trade-in estimate value is to get an appraised value. How do trade-in estimates and trade-in appraisals differ? An appraised value takes into account our having inspected your vehicle's condition, but can rely partially on the trade-in value estimate (as well as any other trade-in offers you may have received).

Negotiate or Accept a Trade-In Offer

Your vehicle's appraised value usually constitutes an initial trade-in offer, which you can accept outright if it seems reasonable, or negotiate further if you deem it necessary. What's more, at our dealership near Watsonville, we offer these additional benefits when trading in a car:

  • You can easily negotiate with a dealership like Santa Cruz Subaru. That's not necessarily true at all Capitola-area used car lots.
  • If you're upside down on your auto loan and want to consolidate what you owe with the price of your new car, dealerships like Santa Cruz Subaru can help with that!

Not sure what to do when you accept a trade-in offer? Typically you can either:

  • Take a check payment
  • Roll the trade-in value into your loan as a credit

Learn More About How to Trade In Your Car 

If you have any additional questions about learning how to trade in a car near Santa Cruz or Monterey, we're here to help at Santa Cruz Subaru! Just reach out to our finance department and we'll be happy to further assist you.