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Your vehicle needs clean air to run properly. Without clean fresh air, the fuel will not burn properly, resulting in lost power and increased fuel consumption. The air intake system pulls fresh air from the outside and then directs it to the intake system, which mixes it with fuel and then to the cylinders where it is burned to create the power to move your vehicle. Unfortunately, outside air also contains dust, grit, sometimes even sand and everything else-including bugs and leaves. These materials, if allowed to enter the engine, would cause serious damage. Fortunately, there is a filter in place that keeps all these unwanted elements out: the Engine Air Filter. Also, check out our many other services that we offer!


Checking Engine Air Filter

Importance of Engine Air Filters

Because the air filter plays such a vital role, it needs to be in peak operating condition. Just like the air filter in your home heating system, the air filter in your vehicle can get clogged with debris. When this happens the airflow to your engine is reduced and you will lose power and fuel efficiency. Fortunately, this a relatively inexpensive maintenance task done by your local Subaru Dealer. While some handymen and women can perform this task themselves, the reasonable labor charge to do the service usually includes an underhood inspection, with topping off fluids and checking belts and hoses a well.

When Should Air Filters be Replaced and What is the Cost?

The Engine Air Filter should be changed every 15,000 miles. If you live in a dusty area, then it may be required to be changed more often. A new air filter can save up to 10 percent in fuel costs. The average dealer charges $45.00 for an engine air filter replacement. This icludes the filter and the labor. If you drive 15,000 miles a year, and your vehicle gets 25 MPG, that translates into $600.00 in fuel cost. A ten percent savings in fuel cost covers the cost of the service, and you will have a car that is more enjoyable to drive. The air filter replacement interval may change due to driving in dusty conditions or work vehicles that are used on sites where everything from dirt dust, cement dust, and construction dust are present.

The Engine Filter is Not the Only Filter in Your Vehicle

Most modern vehicles have a cabin air filter. The purpose of this part is to protect you from dust and pollen in the air. A good engine air filter is helpful to all drivers and passengers, but even more important to those with seasonal allergies. If you have not had your engine air filter changed in two years, or 15,000 miles call your dealer and have this important service done. In the Santa Cruz area, call, Santa Cruz Subaru. We are a well established in the Santa Cruz or Santa Cruz Count, Capitola, Live Oak, Soquel, and Aptos, CA area. For your convenience, we offer our customers a comfortable waiting area with amenities. Take good care of your Subaru and your Subaru will take good care of you! Also, take advantage of our super fast express service that will get you in and out in no time!

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