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Rear Differential Service in Santa Cruz County

Your vehicle's rear differential is responsible for taking the engine's power and making sure it gets appropriately transferred to the rear wheels so it can be used to move the vehicle forward. But you want to make sure this important part of your car, truck, or SUV is being treated the right way and that it continues to operate properly for the long term. If you're in Santa Cruz or Santa Cruz County, you can get great service for your vehicle's differential, CV axle, and driveshaft from us at Santa Cruz Subaru.

Why Have a Rear Differential Serviced?

If you don't ensure that your differential gets the right service, you could end up with a vehicle that's not getting the right level of power to the rear wheels. The engine will be making power, but the differential will be "slipping," and you'll lose a lot of the power the engine makes before it gets to the wheels. That can result in a big loss of performance, poor gas mileage, and even the potential for your vehicle to quit working just when you need it most. You don't want that to happen, but it's an avoidable problem.

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How Often Does a Rear Differential Need Serviced?

You should consider having the differential serviced on the manufacturer's schedule, which is generally every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. During the service, the differential fluid will be changed to make sure it provides proper lubrication and function for the future. If you don't have proper service on this part of your vehicle, you could end up with a differential that wears out faster than it would typically wear out or one that breaks down without warning. Those are avoidable issues, and proper rear differential service also means that any upcoming problems are more likely to be caught, as well.

Why Choose Santa Cruz Subaru for Your Vehicle's Needs?

You can get quality service for your vehicle from us at Santa Cruz Subaru. We have customers from Capitola, Soquel, Live Oak, Aptos, and more. If you're in or around the Santa Cruz area and it's time to service your vehicle's rear differential, you've come to the right place by contacting us. We know the importance of having a good running vehicle, and we also understand that getting a vehicle serviced the right way at the right time can reduce the chances of more serious problems in the future.

Rather than take a chance and hope your vehicle doesn't end up with problems, see us at Santa Cruz Subaru. Let us make sure your rear differential, CV axle, driveshaft, and the rest of your vehicle's essential components are in good working order and properly serviced today.

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